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Usage of simple linking of addon Project files linker

Assume we have solution with two solution folders. First one contains project for FW 3.5 with class, windows form, dataset and LINQ2SQL context. Second folder contains project for FW 4.0 with class and another windows form.
What we need is to made links to all files from first project into second project.
To do this follow next steps:

1. Select Project files linker addon from Tools menu

2. Select Simple linking from first wizard page

3. Expand the dropdown/combobox and select source project. Go to next page via Continue button.

4. Check checkboxes for projects which will be used as target projects. It is not enough to select target project, you must ensure that target project checkboxes are checked !!! Look for next page using Continue button.

5. Next dialog is asking if addin should remove links from target project to the files, which cannot be found in source project. It is useful in cases when you remove some files from source project - by selecting Yes this change will be applied also for all target projects. However, if you have different links in target projects, there will be selected to delete too!!! Before final deletion, another dialog will appear so you can explicitly select "what not to remove" later.

6. Uncheck links which should not be removed. Again, it is not enoug to "unselect" items, you have to uncheck items which should not be removed. This dialog is not shown if there is anything to remove.
(no image example)

7. After the process you will see table with final results...

... and you can see changes in target project/s:

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