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Project Description
PFL project is used to generate multiple projects with links to the same files to achieve projects for different .NET FW versions.

You have to have same implementation for different frameworks (e.g. FW 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and Silverlight 4 and Silverlight 5).

Solved by:
One project contains source files (code). Other projects contains links to that files. Each project has different target framework.

This tool:
Synchronize and creates links from one project to one (or more) other projects by clonning origin hierarchy and file structure. All (can be specified) files are linked to the target projects, so you have projects containing same files for different frameworks.


See detailed description in Downloads section.

Implementation is Visual Studio 2010 Add-in. It is available (when some solution is opened) from menu Tools -> Project files linker. Then you can choose:
  • Simple linking - select one source and multiple target projects. All files from source will be linked to other projects. Optionally, links from other projects will be removed if there are no adequate files in source project (e.g. if you did delete unused class).
  • By project name linking - you select only source projects. Links will be created in all other projects with the same name as source project. This is approach for situation when you have solution folder FW35 with projects A, B and C, and solution folder Silverlight5 with projects A, B, C. You dont have to specify mapping A->A, B->B and C->C, but just select projects A, B and C as sources and they will map to corresponding target projects by their names.
  • Settings - to set settings - now only items, which will be included in linking. It is still under development.

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